Santa Clara CPOA Supports SJPD In Defying New County ‘Jailing’ Guidelines

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Santa Clara CPOA Supports SJPD In Defying New County ‘Jailing’ Guidelines  
San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia takes a stand for Community Safety 

San Jose (November 11th, 2017)The Santa Clara CPOA applauds San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia in his stance against Santa Clara County’s new ‘jailing’ guidelines. Chief Garcia raises important concerns about this policy in NBC Bay Area’s story, “'We Are Here to Keep the City Safe': San Jose Police to Push Back Against 'Jailing' Guidelines.” 

Prior to Proposition 47 and 57 police agencies were able to take high level gang members and other repeat offenders off the streets for crimes such as possession of a stolen gun, possession of meth, and other similar crimes. Now these crimes are misdemeanors and the perpetrators are cited and released and when those who committed these crimes do not show up for court, they are issued warrants. Now Santa Clara County wants to give those criminals another free pass by forcing police agencies to cite and release them if the warrant is less than $15,000.

“The reason is to free up bed space in the Jail; however, this allows the criminals to continue to victimize the public with no consequences,” said Santa Clara CPOA representative Matthew Nichols.The Santa Clara CPOA wants to protect the citizens of Santa Clara County by joining with our brothers and sisters of the San Jose Police Department in keeping the street safe by opposing this new policy.


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